Model Y Front Seat Trays

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Quick Access, Hidden Storage

Make use of the storage tray without needing to adjust your seat. Grab what you need immediately and get going. No jamming, no cramped storage space, and no messy appearance when you have company in the car.

An Original Fit

Create more hidden space that fits the curvature of the original car. The outer contour is sleek and fully integrated with the empty space under the seat. No need to force a good fit.

Safety First: Stash Safely

The below-the-seat storage tray features a rear row partition to keep whatever you stow from rolling under the pedals. Stay safe and free of hazards with secure storage.

Made from colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic materials. No strange smells, no seams, and no fingerprints left. The storage tray is created using high-precision molds and integrated injection molding. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey C.
Model Y Front Seat Trays

Surprisingly sturdy, and heavy. Seem very well put together and the rubberized inserts are icing on the cake. Very impressed with the quality of these trays!

Mary D.
Excellent product

These are nice trays, that are a great little addition to my Tesla Y. I really appreciate the quality of the product. The extra liner made of rubber(that line the inside of the tray) are a nice touch. Very pleased.

Jenny G.
Fits perfectly in Model X too!

Great quality and size. Love how perfectly it fits in my refresh Model X

Paul F.
Under Front Seat Trays

Well made trays. They fit well under the seats even with 3D floor mats

Model Y Front Seat Trays

Perfect fit and good quality.

Rafael A.V.C.
Tesla Y FrontSeat Trays

Excellent. Nice fit.

Luke D.D.
Does not work with tuxmats

Sadly these do not fit with tux mats, a very popular Tesla accessory.

Gregory R.
Very Pleased

One big box with two items arrived only a few days after I ordered them. Better than that they fit and were everything the web site claimed them to be. Really nice finish on the products: front seat trays and cup holder.


These model Y seat trays are perfect for my needs. I previously bought some trays that are assembled using Velcro, which had a handle at the top that snagged under the seat every time we tried to pull the trays out. It was really annoying and even caused my wife to pinch her hand! So I did some research and found these trays instead. I like the fact that these are substantially well made, come with a rubber liner, are open at the top, and fit like a glove. Once I received them and installed them, they did not slide or rattle like I suspected they might. The only downside in my opinion is the price- just a tad too pricey but honestly I couldn’t find a better choice for me. Definitely recommend this item for anyone who has a Model Y and wants a great tray for that under-the-seat space.

Guy S.
Very Good Product

A good must have product for your Tesla.