Model 3/Y Wall Connector Style Charging Cable

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Innovative Tesla-Wall Connector Style Data Cable Customized For Tesla 

Introducing our innovative multi-protocol PD20W fast charging black technology customized exclusively for Tesla. This data cable is suitable as a Tesla Model 3 & Y data cable for lighting (iPhone) and Type-C (Android devices).

Highlighting Features of Our Innovative Elbow Style Data Cable for Tesla

Here is a quick overview of the highlighting features of our smart Tesla wall connector style data cable for Tesla.

  • 41 inch, easy to store and easy to carry
  • Feel free to bend without fear of breaking
  • 3A high current
  • Support super fast charge
  • IP20W PD rapid full charge
  • Support QC 3.0 fast charging
  • Flat wire design, fully covered and protected
  • Original chip not hot at low temperature
  • Soft and durable denim cord
  • Support the latest iPhone 12 fast charge protocol

Enjoy Super Fast Charging 

Designed Exclusively for Tesla, Increases Charging Speed by 85%

Traditional data lines have low current, low transmission power, and slow charging speed. This means it takes much more time to charge your mobile phone or other devices. 

Support iPhone 12 20W Fast Charge Protocol

TEMAI charging cable supports the latest iPhone 12 fast charge protocol to charge your iPhone 12 up to 20W. Unlike the traditional data lines, TEMAI charging cable has low resistance and transmission power up to 20W. It provides you with super-fast charging speed.

  • 20W high-power charging and transmission
  • Full charging in about 1 hour
  • The current is safe and stable
  • Enhanced efficiency 
  • Time saving

Can Use it for Type-C to Type-C/Lighting

We provide you with two data cable options:

  1. Type-C to Lighting (iPhone) 
  2. Type-C to Type-C (Android devices)

Save 70% Space with Our Tesla Wall Connector Style Data Cable 

Low Straight Head Space Utilization 

Another problem that you encounter with the traditional straight data cable is that it occupies the rear seat space. This makes it easy to touch the connector when moving, damaging the original car interface. Alternatively, Tesla Style Connector data Cable flaunts the following features:

  • Elbow design saves 70% space
  • With the elbow data cable, you don’t have to worry about touching the connector when getting on and off the car, protecting the original car interface.
  • Charging speed enhanced by 85%
  • The 41 inch line length is just right
  • The elbow interface technology overcomes, avoiding damage charging at the rear exhaust outlet
  • Thus, it makes it easier to get on and off the car, protecting the original interface of your car

Superior Quality Original Zinc Alloy Same as Tesla Material+ TPE Connector 

The traditional data cables are usually made from low-quality plastic material that has a short service life. It is easy to oxidize and crack.

Upgrade to the new alloy shell + TPE covered wire, which boost the following features:

  • The alloy material can enhance the service life
  • Anti-oxidation
  •  Scratch and wear resistance
  • The nylon braid does not break when bending

    High-Density Nylon Flat Wire

    When you are using the traditional round data cable, it does not allow you to close the central control panel. If you try to close it forcibly, it will break the cable. Moreover, the color of the cable does not match your car interior, which looks out-of-place. 

    Our Tesla connector data cable has the following features:

    • High-density nylon flat wire
    • The flat line design and flay nylon cable does not hinder the opening and closing of the center control panel. 
    • The 41 Inch cable is long; it is just right to use with the mobile phone bracket 
    • It does not take up extra space.
    • The thread body is tightly woven with a high-strength nylon
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Non-twisting
    • Strong and tensile
    • Light and scratch-resistant
    • Not easy to oxidize
    • Fearless to wear
    • The color matches your original car interior, which enhances the aesthetics.

    Smart Original Dual Chip which Enables Fast Charging Without Getting Hot

    Master the core technology-intelligent IC management chip, safe and stable current output. The PD fast charge does not damage the battery; automatic trickle charge at the end of the charge and high-efficiency fast charge protector while charging without burning or hurting the phone. It fully charges your phone in one hour.

    • No fluctuating voltage
    • Stable voltage
    • The built-in chip automatically filters danger

    Thick Tinned Copper-Zinc, Stable Transmission without Heating

    The internal use 30/22Awg multi-strand thick tinned wire core, plus aluminum foil TPE and other multi-layer shielding, effectively reduces resistance, current transmission heating, and significantly increases charging speed. 

    Easy and Cost-Effective Two-in-one Charging and Transmission QC3.0

    You can easily charge and transmit two mobile phones to each other. When you go out, you can also avoid losing power by shutting down the mobile phone. 

    Tech specs

    Product name Model 3/Y wall connector style phone charging cable 
    Product number TM3-CTL01 / TM3-CTL02
    Material Tinned Copper-Zinc + High-Density Nylon Flat Wire / High-elastic silicone
    Color Black / Grey
    Current 3A (Max)
    Transmission rate 480Mbps
    Length 41.3 inches

    1.05 m
    Compatibility Type-C to Lighting, Type-C to Type-C 



    Customer Reviews

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    Andrew H.
    Nice quality

    Look cute, sit flat out of the way of kids knees in the back of the model 3 and good quality

    Jonathan C.

    Good quality brand, love it❤️