Model 3/Y Window Sunshades

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Turn Up the Privacy, Turn Down the Heat

Whether you’re traveling or taking a short nap on the side of the road, this front window sunshade effectively isolates the dazzling sunlight and creates a quiet and comfortable space for sleep and ease inside of your car.

Model Y window sunshades (4 side windows, 1 rear window and 2 triangle windows)

Model 3/Y front windshield sunshade (1 piece)

Beat the Heat

Sun shading and insulation against heat with 99% light transmission.
When using this front windshield sunshade, the insulation against sun and heat is remarkable. According to multiple studies, the body temperature of the vehicle is reduced significantly after using this product.



FRC silver wire

FRC silver wire technology is used to cut aluminum vapor-deposited film by incorporating a high-tech weaving technology.

High-Quality Down to the Wire

Made using a warp yarn weaving process, which is different from ordinary silver-coated cloth material. This material is incredibly effective in summer, improving the cooling of an enclosed area and allowing heat to escape.

The Age of Easy Installation

Non-destructive installation, easy-to-order Velcro fixation, and the original Model Y's special size fits accurately.
1. Unfold the sunshade on the front window. Black layer facing inside of the car. 
2. Put down the sun visor on the driver and passenger side.
3. Use the strap to hook on the mirror.
4. Adjust the sunshade to cover the whole windshield.

Packing Made Easy

The storage bag can be easily put into the front and rear trunks.

Model 3/Y front windshield sunshade (1 piece)

Model Y window sunshades (4 side windows, 1 rear window and 2 triangle windows)

Tech specs

Product name Model 3/Y Front Windshield Sunshades / Model Y Side Window Sunshades
Compatibility Model 3/Y
Material High-Quality Polyester


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Harold L.
Best Shades 4 the $

Very big n covers all of the windshield. Great product at a low cost.

surya n.v.

Model 3/Y Window Sunshades

Sam N.
Awesome fit!

The coverage is great and the shade provided is much appreciated. The product is light weight and easy to use!

Nikhil G.
Model 3/Y Window Sunshades

It does the job but not 100% happy with design and quality (specially the soft edges).

S P.
Great Sun/Heat Protection

These Window Sunshades Are Perfect In Every Way, Keeps the sun Out, Easy to
place. Actually EVERYTHING That We have Purchased For Our Y has been Great.
Hoping they start Making more things For The Tesla S....:)

Thomas C.
Great sun shade

It’s compact and works well and easy to store Great design!

T M.
Great sunshade

Light weight, good fit, and easy to fold.

Robert U.
Sun Shade

This has to be the best shade for any car that I have owned. It fills the windshield from post to post and the feel of quality is amazing. It even has material that velcros together by the rear view mirror to block out the sun light around the mirror. The bag it comes with to put the shade away when not in use is also great in quality and large enough to not be a pain to use. I have had shades in the past from other brands where the bags were to small to be easy to use. This shade is the one to get.

Moises F.
Tesla Model Y accessories

Accessories that I ordered fits perfectly. Needs more items to be ordered

Ryan L.
BEST Tesla Sunshade, Period!!

Not only is the quality the best of any sunshade, but the ease of use, functionality and overall satisfaction this product brings is amazing.